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Outsider is a photographic post-production company based in Industry City, Brooklyn.  We specialize in retouching for photographers and agencies worldwide.

While the photography industry develops rapidly, the elements that create a beautiful image remain the same.  Our team possess an intuitive sense of what makes an image successful and continue to master new technologies while maintaining a traditional sensibility.

We are dedicated to consistent, dependable service and to forging long-lasting collaborations with clients and brands.




Hervé Lafond  has been experimenting and working with photo retouching since the beginning of the digital era. As one of the founders of Janvier in Paris and 4th Floor in New York, Herve has worked closely with top photographers Christian Weber, Jean Bapiste Mondino, James Nachtwey, Jeffrey Graetsch, and Michel Comte. His advertising clients include agencies such as AR NY, Erickson Fina, Grey Advertising, Lipman and Select Communications to name a few.


Zerna Karian  has been retouching for high profile photographers including Chad Pitman,
Paola Kudacki, Luigi & Iango, Terry Richardson, and Tim Richardson since 2005. Prior to her career in photo retouching, Zerna received her BFA in Photography from the Academy of Art in San Francisco and worked in photo production for several advertising clients including HBO,
J Records, Macys, Puma, and Tommy Hilfiger, amongst others.



67 35th Street, B-504, #65, Brooklyn NY 11232
Phone: +1-212-796-7727